In marketing the challenge is to tell a story that captures the hearts and minds of the customers/consumers.  The ultimate goal is to solidify our brands presence in a specific mental space in the consumer’s daily lives, and construct the mental availability frame to match the situation for the consumer. Basically the marketing teams job is to sell a dream via experiences and integrate their brands into the typical consumer social fabric.

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What is a Brand?

This is a specific emotion or reference point that is linked to the product or service, which results in a customer journey, when interacting with the product/service.

What is Branding?

Branding is the visual manifestation of the brand in the spaces/location  (physical, digital or audio), that the target customers operates or conduct their daily activities.  These visual manifestations are critical to re-enforce the values of the brand and constantly communicate/establish the brand as an important element in the customers social fabric – towards a lifestyle brand.

A Brand isn’t:

  1. A digital media presence.
  2. Perception.
  3. A marketing strategic plan.
  4. CEO/CFO or Executives.
  5. A Product/Service.
  6. The logo.

A Brand is:

  1. Experiential.
  2. The Integrity/Credibility.
  3. Engagement.
  4. Value System.
  5. USP – Unique Selling Point 

So a Brand is the process of developing or maintaining a reputation, that results in a specific customer experience. This is re-enforced by daily employees actions as the interface with the customers, which results in a clear USP – which they becomes the Brand…

What is Brand Identity?

These are the visual elements that supports the USP in the customer’s mental availability frame.  This includes the colours, logo, name or any type of symbols that are used in communication with public (team members included).  The identity works to drive that critical mental availability at the point of purchase…