Experiential Marketing

For any brand to continue evolving and remain relevant to a consumer over their lifetime, it has to deliver a specific experience or solve a “Job To Be Done – JTBD” . This can be achieved by appealing to a variety of senses and tapping into that special place within the consumer’s heart and mind that generate thoughts about comfort, pleasure, as well as inspiring a sense of practicality which entice individuals to act on that impulse at every purchase . This tactical approach is called – Experiential Marketing.

So, Experiential Marketing, is a tactical approach to marketing goods and services by establishing a specific experience you desire the consumer to have or to associate with your brand. The idea is to integrate elements of emotions, logic, and deep connectivity through your brand funnel process to the targeted consumer. So the goal of experiential marketing is to solidify the connection in such a way that the consumer responds to a product offering based on both deep emotions and rational over their lifetime, making this a “Liquid Idea” and “Viral Concept“.

I was able to implement my knowledge of this marketing concept officially at Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) in 2007, while working with the Chairperson of the Events Committee – Dr. Carolyn Hayle, Deputy Director of Events – Mr. Zachary Harding, and Deputy Director of Marketing – Mr. David L. Shields. The mandate for the JTB team at the time was to develop a comprehensive strategy to integrate Jamaica’s rich culture and various entertainment events into an existing tourism product (under the “Once You Go You Know” campaign). This was to be done in a sustainable and functional way, while extending the linkage in other industries. In response to this challenge, the JTB crafted an Event Strategic Framework, which focused on a wide range of events and activities (ranging from cultural to dancehall, culinary festivals to sporting events etc…) to widen the product offering to visitors and increase the economic impact on growth and development.

Consequently, the experiential campaign that emerged ultimately was centered around the theme “Travel of Your Passions“. The liquid idea behind it was that if you love music, culture or sports, visiting Jamaica would create this unforgettable experience. The JTB positioned Jamaica as the place to visit (selling the promise) and “Once You Go, You Know” (delivering on the promise). Hence, the team redesigned many of its marketing engagement programme to tap into that emotional element and built its strategies around those possible experiences (especially shared experiences), which was new for most tourism destinations.

NOTE: This opened the door for the introduction of various social media platforms for JTB, as it was one of the first destination management organization to venture into this unknown space.


The mechanism for creating an integrated approach is simple:

Image: The first order of business is to understand the consumer’s AIP (Attitude, Image and Perception) towards the brand.

Engage: Assess each channel and refine your channel management skills to have an understanding of your consumer’s experience via the brand funnel.

Think: Remember your consumer will interact with various medium to gain access to your services/product, ensure these mediums are all fully aligned and “Deliver on the Brand’s Promise”.

Enact: Learn to Fail Fast. The faster you pull things in place and start, the faster you will be to adapt to the programmes to get you the desired outcomes

Breath: Allow the Campaign to develop arms and legs, and also evolve and connect with the consumers – “Liquid Idea” – allow them to own it and make them ambassadors for your brand – “10 Thousand Strong“…

2014-08-30 13.38.38Most Importantly, remember to breath life into the campaign, i.e. if the campaign was authentically developed around your core consumers, these consumers will give your campaign arms and legs. The campaign will evoke different emotions for each person making it a “Liquid Idea”. However it will connect the consumers on the universal concept. Additionally, allow them to own it and give them a voice – #StoryTelling tools and create an army of “10 thousand strong” ambassadors for your brand.

2016-09-03 11.52.47-2

Share the brand strategies you use to tell your Brand Story…

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