IPhoneX – Your New Best Friend or Not?

    IPhoneX Launched…

The iPhoneX – Will You Be Getting One? If so, this is what your new investment, will get you…


1. Display:  The First AMOLED display on a Iphone. The screen panel is called Super Retina Display and measures 5.8″ big with 458ppi pixel density. Both HDR10 and Dolby Vision are supported and the panel offers a whopping a million to one contrast ratio. 
2. FaceID:  They enable FaceID, the replacement of TouchID – the FaceID uses a flood illuminator (so it works in the dark) and a projector that paints 30,000 points on your face. This includes Apple Pay, naturally!
3. Control Center: Speaking of unlocking, you can also use tap to wake. Once the screen is on, you can swipe up to unlock. This swipe gesture is also used to enable multitasking (swipe up and hold) and to go back to the home screen (swipe up to “throw” the app). Where does that leave the Control center? It’s still here, it has just moved on top.

4.  Chip: The phone is powered by the Apple A11 chipset, which evolves the two-tier CPU design – it has two powerful cores and four energy-efficient ones.

5.  Emoji: This extensive face scanning is used for the animojis too – the cute faces you use instead of punctuation now have a life of their own as they mimic your facial expressions.

​What Do you think? Will You make #IPhoneX your new Best Friends? Send me your opinion….

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