LinkedIN: The Professional YOU

“Never be afraid to invest in yourself.”

Craig R.


So setting up a LinkedIn account is one of the most important professional investment you will make for your digital footprint in this “Networked Intelligence” era. LinkedIn digital channel is the largest online professional network, and is an excellent resource for personal brand development, building connections and long life learning on a global scale.

Note, that this digital channel fosters professional engagement, and you should proceed with caution, when engaging new connections, sharing content and commenting on post.    Initially, the recommendation is to focus engagement, on industry specific contributions.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts:

images-1.png1.  DO Complete your profile and keep it updated.

2.  DO send a custom connection request and then follow-up with a well-crafted welcome/thank you note.

3.  DONOT send requests for recommendations or endorsements.

4.  DO Join industry specific Groups and Contribute as much as possible. #AddValue

5.  DONOT Spam…

6.  DO Cross Promotion, by ensuring your other digital platforms are integrated in your post.

7.  DO Customize your LinkedIn Profile link.

8.  DONT use standardized Invitations – like “I’d like to add you to my professional network”.

9.  DO respond to each message.

10.  DONT mark a person “I Don’t Know”. Instead just ignore invitation or click on X.

Hopefully, this will assist in KICKSTARTING your professional brand building efforts.

“This is not the information age, It is the age of Networked Intelligence and immersive learning towards sustainability”

Carolyn Hayle, Phd.  University of the West Indies, Caribbean.

This section will discuss the the following FCC engagement strategic approach to developing, and managing your LinkedIn presence, these includes:

  1. Fundamental: LSC Engagement.
  2. Content: Create, Optimize and Management.
  3. Connection: Build, Develop, and Grow.

The FCC engagement strategies will assist you in maximizing and increase your presence and impact on this digital channel, towards your goal and objectives.

FUNDAMENTAL: LSC Engagement Strategy

images.pngYou should find potential partners and/or clients on LinkedIn by researching what groups they are a part of. If you discover a group that is aligned to your interest,  join it. However, don’t be too shy to contribute to the discussion at hand and once you’ve established yourself as an active participant, the group moderators will be more comfortable allowing you to post original content.


KNOW YOURSELF – List Skills and Achievements…

Maintaining, a relevant list of skills is a vital tool to boost the visibility of your profile. Aim to list at least five key skills. Be sure to order them according to what strengths you’d like to be known for, and LinkedIn will do the rest for you. Also, trying to integrate endorsement to optimize your search results and build credibility.

CONTENT: Create, Curate, Optimize and Manage it.

Content is KINGIMG_2441

Don’t just use LinkedIn as a  generation lead platform. Add value by offering/sharing the network’s great content to you audience. By sharing content it will showcase your knowledge and your personal brand. Share other user’s content to demonstrate your awareness of the industry. Make sure to cite correctly, and your expertise by association will shine through.

Your LinkedIN presence should not be your resume. There’s one key difference: You will need to implement SEM/SEO optimization strategy. In other words, you need to use relevant keywords so that it has the best possible chance to appear when recruiters/business are searching for candidates/companies to partner with.

CONNECTION: Build, Develop and Grow.


As tempting as it is to see that “1,000+” on your LinkedIn, this is not a popularity contest.  So, it is more important to develop effective and meaningful relationships that can assist you in developing and crafting new skills, so before connecting, strategize.

Get Going…Start Investing in YOU

2017-09-11 13.02.59.jpg

In ending, I personally, have seen improvement in the overall functionality of LINKEDIn  with this Messenger services etc…and they are constantly integrating new funnels of communication and driving stronger ROI on their platform.  I suggest you make a visit to you profile once per week and engage in discussions.

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