The other digital media tactical tools

No! executing web-banners, won’t do it for digital media.

Craig R. Williams

Each time I start a consultancy with a new client, one of the questions they always ask is:

Do you believe I need to expand beyond, a social media strategy to include other digital channels?

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To answer them – I explain the importance of the following concept: “TIME = MONEY”.

One (1) of my ‘rule of thumb‘ – always understand the customers’ ‘unintended‘ purpose of your brand/product.

In the case of digital media, it’s understanding, where the brand’s current customers and potential consumers are placing their native attention online.

The result is that customers are pivoting away from web-based platforms towards an app-based ecosystem.


It means that most consumer wants to spend more time in ONE (1) digital ecosystem and that ecosystem needs to reside and operates wholesomely on their mobile device.

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So, I am dedicating this post on three (3) unexpected digital channels. I found these to be very effective for some of my clients, as they delivered robust results. These channels are:

  1. App.
  2. Podcast
  3. Gaming.

As marketing strategists, we are fully aware that we are engaging “Dual-Screen” and “Disruptive-Screen” consumers daily. So, we are required to develop and execute a digital media strategy with a fantastic online UX ecosystem to increase brand conversion.


App Strategy = “mobile-first”


In the past marketers would optimise their brand’s OMNI-channels by having discount coupons placed:

  1. In magazines;
  2. In-store displays and
  3. Website banner.

However, we have seen the emergence of app engagement for most brands versus those OMNI-channels for consumers.

From my experience, the best ROIs for apps, was to:

  1. Driving e-commerce activities in one ecosystem and
  2. Immersive storytelling to solidify the brand’s lifestyle products.

However, ensure the app is:

  1. Equipped to convert within its ecosystem.
  2. Able to mine data, to facilitate an effective customer segmentation strategy, direct marketing programmes, and retargeting tactics.

This app strategy is best for brands that control their order fulfilment process, like financial institutions, telecoms or travel trade and tourism brands.

The optimal customer funnel journey for this tactical tool is during the awareness, consideration & purchase period.

Podcast Strategy = smart engagement

podcast icon.jpeg

To effectively execute a podcat strategy, it requires the following:

  1. Segmentation of your marketing message,
  2. dissecting the brand’s essence and
  3. aligning the podcaster authenticity.

When I executed a podcast strategy, the best results were for brands that were in lifestyle products, immersive learning – academics product, health products, wellness brands and personal brands.

The optimal customer funnel journey for this tactical tool is during the consideration period.

Gaming Strategy = “Cults”.



For me, the most understated digital advertising platform is gaming. Has a Gamer (myself – laughing), they always:

  1. lathers back up to the brand quickly,
  2. VERY loyal,
  3. Passionate brand advocates, and
  4. have an extremely high lifetime spend-value.

I saw strong ROIs for my clients’ brands when I executed the following tactics :

  1. Product placement in the game,
  2. Create content via gamification.

These tactics optimised brand’s presence and spend investment.


My clients that saw successes with a Gaming Strategy were the sport-related brand; a brand strategy anchored in sport-sponsorship centric; active lifestyle brand and an athlete brands.

The optimal customer funnel journey for this tactical tool is during the awareness & consideration period

Tell me, more about your experiences on when executing on these platforms.

Next week, I will share my experience with LinkedIn, Google’s and Facebook’s when executing strategies for B2B.


”Craig, keep that focus on the client’s business imperatives. Develop their SWOT MATCHING strategies (via Game Theory), & execute those defensive strategies – ONLY when the business imperative is threatened…”

So grateful to my kick-ass mentors, for reinforcing that – what & how I conceptualize, & implement strategically is robust & adaptative. #NoDistraction – focused on problem-solving & adding value.