(BE) instagrammable: IGStories uncovered.

dd180771-3dde-4cbc-aaa6-8019279151f0.jpegOver the past 90 days, you would have seen me aggressively utilising Instagram Stories  (IGStories) funnel, using its feature and tactical tools.  This was part of my “testing and learning” phase on how to optimise this emerging social media funnel for personal and corporate brands.

Below, I have outlined what I personally found to be successful, and would recommend to any Instagram (IG) specialist to integrate into their IG strategies for their brands to (BE)come “instagrammable” via IGStories in 2020.


(be) authentic: Treat IGStories like your ‘back yard‘ cook up, where only selected people (your followers/fans) are invited.

So, I encourage you to share content that isn’t polished, be authentic and this will build trust for your brand.  In, fact, optimise on creating immersive storytelling in the moments, while you are attending a public event or industry conferences.

Take the follower/fan on an immersive ride and share activities happening in-store, after an active day or when you are at an event and want to encourage people to join.  So, fundamentally, IGStories is also a great place to post behind the scene (BTS) footage of your company that wouldn’t necessarily earn a spot on your main feed.

(be) clear:  Given the sequential nature of IGStories, it’s perfect for “step-by-step” guides and “how-to” content thematic distribution channel, ie. ‘edu-tainment’ in thematic nature.

(be) experiential:  If you want to promote your brand/product, IGStories is a great place to do it.  This funnel is useful to give your follower/fans inspiration for using your product or to drive experiential brand marketing programme with the consumers. Don’t forget to cross-promote related products, to extend your reach and widen your community.

(be) loyalty: Another great way that you can use IGStories to directly connect with customers is by giving them some real-time recognition.  Everyone loves being recognised by the people and businesses they care about.


(be) open:  I love this feature, mainly because of the low-level of risk and honesty from the community. Asks your customers questions about their experience with your products through IGStories etc and get ‘real-time’ response and engagement.

(be) real-time:  Since Instagram Stories (IGStories) are instant, so they’re a great way to share company announcements. Are you hosting a sale? Then announce it here.  So, I recommend that you share the following about your brand:

  • Share images of limited edition items your customer can buy before they are gone.
  • Keep your customers in the know on your latest products and offerings.
  • Share images and videos of your newest products or services.

(be) relatable:  Note, it doesn’t have to be the CEO being featured, the most important factor for the content is relatability and connection.  So explore featuring an employee or a guest and walk the followers/fans through a day, an event or rehearsal.  So, ensure your feature followers/fans that tag your brand.

I hope this help to (BE)come an IGStories superstar for your personal or corporate brand.

dedicated: @HowIJourney for keeping me #Digital authentic & honest, every day.


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