(BE) instaREADY: IGStories for your business

This is part 2/3, sharing my journey with Instagram Stories (IGStories) over the past 90 days.  These are just some easy and creative ways to use IGStories for your business, feel free to share yours to that others can fail and level up faster#NetworkIntelligence approach.

share announcements:

image1IGStories are instant, so they’re a great way to share company announcements.   Are you hosting a sale? Then announce it here.  Share images of limited edition items your customer can buy before they are gone.

Keep your customers in the know on your latest products and offerings.  Share images and videos of your newest products or services.

show your products in action:


  • If you want to promote a product, Instagram Stories is a great place to do it.  
  • Use IGStories to give people ideas and inspiration for using your product, or show them what they can do or create with the product if they buy it.  
  • Share images of your product being used by customers in all its colours and styles.
  • Share images and videos of your product in a stylish or exciting setting. 

behind the scenes (BTS):

Part of the beauty of IGStories is that they don’t have to be big polished productions.  In, fact, many brands create stories that happen in the moments, while they are attending a public event or industry conferences.

In a sense IGStories allow brands to take their followers along for the ride.  Share a story when you have an event happening in-store or online, after an active day or when you are at an event and want to encourage people to join.

Show the reals side of your business, 

  • the work of setting up,
  • funny mishaps that happen or 
  • even different staff as they are interacting doing the events

It is also fun for customers, to see a story at the end when the busy is done.  IGStories is also a great place to post BTS footage of your company that wouldn’t necessarily earn a spot on your main feed.

a day in the life of your product or service:

Screenshot 2019-10-16 11.02.08


You can use both images and video content to create your IGStories throughout the day.  Your videos don’t have to be of high quality. In fact, videos can be a great way to show your audience a unique view of the day-to-day happenings at your business.  Have an employee or a guest walk them through the day, an event or rehearsal.

how ‘tos’ and tutorials:

IGStories are sequential by nature, which makes them perfect for:

  • step-by-step.
  • how to style content.
  • beauty tutorial,

in general, bite-sized content that teaches and that is fun compared to traditional videos (Instagram/Facebook feed) or blog posting.

host questions & answers:image2

Asks your customers questions about their experience with your products through IGStories.  Q&A IGStories are great for kicking off a conversation or creating an engaging experience for your customers. During a Q&A your business can interact directly with fans and customers, who can direct message their questions.

recognize fans/followers:

Another great way that you can use IGStories to directly connect with customers is by giving them some real-time recognition.   Everyone loves being recognized by the people and businesses they care about.  So, the next time a customer takes your business is one of their post or stories, say thanks in a story of your own.

Share what makes you an IGStories SuperStar…

Storytelling: The Seven (7) Plots for Building Your Brand

2017-07-29 18.08.05-3I believe in storytelling for brands that are authentic, immersive and channel specific, which drives community growth, brand affinity and establish a lifestyle brand, with strong conversion rates.

This is achieved by transporting and engaging the community with relevant and contextual creatives, designed uniquely for each consumer funnel experience towards value pricing (Experiential Marketing). From my experiences there are SEVEN (7) plots that a brand can pursue:

2017-08-30 06.45.03-2

1. Overcoming the Monster (Freedom).

2. Rage to Riches.

3. The Quest – Adventure.

4. The Voyage Return.

5. Comedy (Romantic).

6. Tragedy.

7. Rebirth.

APPLICATION: If brand/marketing manager understands, which story they want to convey with the brand(s), they now have their #NorthStar.

CHALLENGE: To determine the mental frame, inrelation to how the consumers wants your brand to convey that story through each funnel. Critical in the 21st century MarCom plans success is a multi-channel immersive approach



RESULT: A brand that resonates authenticity with its consumers; depicts and integrates effortlessly into the consumers Lifestyle or Ideal state…


Experiential Marketing

For any brand to continue evolving and remain relevant to a consumer over their lifetime, it has to deliver a specific experience or solve a “Job To Be Done – JTBD” . This can be achieved by appealing to a variety of senses and tapping into that special place within the consumer’s heart and mind that generate thoughts about comfort, pleasure, as well as inspiring a sense of practicality which entice individuals to act on that impulse at every purchase . This tactical approach is called – Experiential Marketing.

So, Experiential Marketing, is a tactical approach to marketing goods and services by establishing a specific experience you desire the consumer to have or to associate with your brand. The idea is to integrate elements of emotions, logic, and deep connectivity through your brand funnel process to the targeted consumer. So the goal of experiential marketing is to solidify the connection in such a way that the consumer responds to a product offering based on both deep emotions and rational over their lifetime, making this a “Liquid Idea” and “Viral Concept“.

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